What are the maximum speeds for all the packages?

Friday, 24 December 2010 20:04 Last Updated on Sunday, 02 January 2011 14:00

What are the maximum speeds for the various packages?

Our original packages, Swish etc. do not have maximum speeds, best effort to get the fastest speeds technically possible to any particular location was the goal.

Our new packages have maximum limits as follows:

Package Upload/Download

ValueNET 256Kbps up/3Mbps down

BasicNET 512Kbps up/6Mbps down

PowerNET 1Mbps up/10Mbps down

ProNET 2Mbps up/15Mbps down

As with all of our services, these are not guaranteed levels and represent the limits placed on the various accounts levels we have.  Best effort will be made to provide services to these levels with these packages.  Please refer to the TOS for details regarding the SLA etc.

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