Home Wireless Networking Maintenance Plan

FlashByte Digital is now offering a "Home Wireless Networking Maintenance Plan."

The purpose of this plan is to offer an option to our customers who do not have the technical ability or interest in maintaining their wireless home networks.

The Cost:  $7.99 per month.


You must purchase a wireless router from us, and have it installed by one of our technicians.  If this install is included with your original service installation appointment there is no minimum term on the plan.  If you are having problems with an existing router or service install and it requires that we come out to install a router, we will include that call as part of your maintenance plan and the only fee due will be the $7.99/mo for a minimum term of 6 months ($47.94).  If you would like to purchase a router that requires a site visit for installation, and do not want to purchase the service plan there is a $50 charge, up to one hour total.

Wireless Routers Available:

Low Power:  $85
High Power: $150

The technician on site will discuss the use and requirements of the network and will install appropriate equipment.  We will install a router that we can monitor and troubleshoot from remote, this plan is not available with routers other than routers we provide and install.  We will configure up to 4 devices to work with the wireless network. Anything over 1 hour of configuration and troubleshooting will be billed at $45/hr.


We will help troubleshoot any problems with your wireless network and the devices we have installed and will offer assistance in adding new devices from remote.  If the wireless router fails at any point we will replace it free of charge as long as you have been continually enrolled in the plan since it was installed.  If a site visit is required to maintain or replace the router there will be no charge.  If a site visit is requested the time and duration of the visit and if the visit is warranted is to be decided at the sole discretion of FlashByte.  If it is decided at any time the effort or expense necessary to maintain the home network is unreasonable, the plan can be canceled by FlashByte and the most recent month of the plan service charge will be refunded.  The customer can cancel the plan at any time with 30 days notice without any penalty unless they are within the first 6 months after a site visit was included in a new plan as mentioned above.

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